Who Can Apply?

Because of demand for these managed services, Offer Space has established a set of guidelines to make sure a client can be successful and to make sure that clients don’t unnecessarily tie up resources. It is also important to note that on-boarding new clients as well as sales capacity for existing clients is completely dependent on media availability which changes on a monthly basis.

  • 650 credit score minimum for any client
  • Any client cannot have previous high-risk processing
  • A client must complete all pre-app documents within 2 weeks of receiving the pre-app
  • Must use approved vendors listed in the Offer Space agreement appendix
  • This managed business should not be the intended sole income source for the client.
  • Must sell an Offer Space approved product – Meaning we don’t take a new products to market
  • 180 day waiting period before first profit distribution
  • $25,000 in startup funds required – $5,000 of that must be cash
  • The client’s corporation must be dedicated to the Offer Space campaign. No co-mingling with other businesses
  • Each corporation must have wire capabilities. (Not ACH, not Direct Pay, not Sure Pay or any other method that is not same day payment)

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