Client Experience

Client Experience

Our team of specialized technicians provide daily business operations which allow online business ownership to be as simple as simply paying the bills. Direct response marketing moves at the speed of light. Merchant banks expect timely answers, media partners expect rapid changes, and vendors assess risk based on timeliness of payment. Direct response marketing is so unique in its composition that it can frequently make you feel like you’re making great progress only to find out about hidden risks when it is too late that easily may crush your bank account.

So why Offer Space? Its founders have a combined industry knowledge of 50 years in direct response marketing and have seen first hand all of its successes and failures. This extensive experience does not guarantee that every client will be protected from difficult surprises inherent in the fast paced business of direct response marketing, however our clients have the most knowledgeable team in the industry to guide them through the pitfalls allowing for profitability and quick answers and response time to quickly fix unforeseen issues and ensure success.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Before getting started, our team will provide a financial road map for where we expect your business profitability.
  • Once our agreement is reviewed and signed by you, our onboarding process begins and you’ll work with client services and merchant services on the critical task of getting enough merchant accounts live and ready for launch. Our team will create a MID submission plan that provides diversity of risk and adequate processing capacity so that you’re rarely at the risk of a processing catastrophe.
  • Simultaneously our experienced staff will configure all the technical elements of your business including your CRM, fulfillment, landing pages, gateways, toll free numbers, call centers, and more.
  • Once you have enough processing capacity to safely go live, we finish our QA and commence sales acquisitions.
  • Our client services team then steps in and manages all your questions such as ‘What is this invoice for?’, ‘What are all these separate debits and deposits?’, ‘Who is this vendor?’, and ‘When can I take on more sales?’. You’ll also review your live data with the client services team to better understand some of the reports you’ll have access to.
  • As your campaign matures, our team will be monitoring everything including refund rates, recurring billing batches, fulfillment failures, deposit irregularities and critical key performance indicators that should align with the original financial plan outlined.
  • And finally our team will give you updates on new opportunities that may be of interest to you as our research and development teams find new niches that can be pursued.

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