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Merchant Account

This is the lifeblood of your business. However, it can be unfriendly territory if you don’t already know it. Understand that from a traditional bank’s perspective, direct response marketing (especially ones that involve trials) is one of the most risky transactions any bank will consider processing.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We begin with a solid plan. As shocking as this sounds very few companies proactively create a plan for how much processing you’ll need (off actuals not projected values) and set rigid business rules on how to properly manage your MIDs. Ask any seasoned marketer and they’ll agree that if you are reacting to merchant account circumstances, you become very much at risk of having poor decisions force another set of poor decisions.
  • We have a dedicated staff for this job that sit right next to the technicians who are working the marketing campaigns or administering your CRM. Quite often businesses get exposed to financial loss when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. We eliminate this possibility.
  • We assume the worst. Too many businesses fail because they don’t plan for downside and once that downside arrives it smacks them in the face so hard that their businesses often can’t recover. Our plans are designed to be profitable and predictable.
  • We have proprietary software specifically built for the direct response industry which no one else has. We monitor deposits in a way no one else can systematically do. We have assessed every way we have been hit with fraud over the last decade and written software to detect transaction patterns that spell disaster.
  • We have consolidate multiple business models into a single reporting interface. It’s tough to tell you how much we’ve developed without you experiencing the disappointment in other vendor’s services and software but we hope you never have to experience it.
  • We provide 3D Secure technology. This obscure program of Visa & MasterCard is an underutilized gem and Offer Space has become the experts on how to use this chargeback saving program. Merchant’s usage of 3D secure authentication has been challenged until Offer Space created a frictionless checkout process that prevented any negative effect on sales conversions.

Campaign Setup And Management

Don’t want to have all your customer’s bill the wrong day? Want to avoid the mistake of having no product shipments go out for a week after the customer purchase? We can help. Most clients want to feel like they’re in control of a campaign by getting into a CRM and taking a stab at configuring it properly, only to feel out of control when reports don’t make sense, or billing patterns don’t seem quite right or something (anything) starts to go wrong.

Utilizing technicians who are experts in managing CRMs and offer pages allows you to avoid costly mistakes and it lets you focus on more important things like monitoring deposits and profitability.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We have experienced people – Our technicians have an average experience for 4 years managing landing pages, CRMs, merchant accounts and everything you need to increase your likelihood of success.
  • We have a 20+ step QA process prior to an offer going live. You wouldn’t believe how long the checklist would be to check to make sure everything is functioning, but we did it and it is a crucial part of making sure our client experience is as consistent with other clients as possible.
  • We have staff redundancy. Our technicians check each other’s work. You can’t have your business have a single point of failure, especially when it is a technician who can naturally make mistakes.
  • Our hosting software is ridiculously robust. We have the ability to push clients live in minutes into existing sales vertical once MIDs are deployed. We can clone massive groups of offer configurations for greater accuracy and speed. In international campaigns we were able implement strategies to cut page load times in half winning business over other competitors who didn’t have a sophisticated tech team on hand. This cuts down on costs that would normally be passed along to clients.

ROI Management

It is not uncommon for one or two man operations to think they’ve struck it rich and head off to Vegas to celebrate only to discover that refunds and chargebacks are about to wipe out their perceived profits in a matter of weeks. It is also quite typical for new direct response marketers to completely misinterpret deposit patterns only to find out that tens of thousands of dollars in deposits actually never arrived.

Offer Space has staffed financial experts trained to understand this business. We haven’t found an accountant or bookkeeper yet, who have invested the time into these complex recurring billing models and could offer advice or insight into what’s going on. Their financial training really revolves around bank account reconciliation and not quite the operational finance training that is required to understand the causation of financial symptoms in these business models. Is this program upside down because of bad media performance, missing deposits, customer service problems, poor upsell performance? Our team has been trained on how to plan ahead, detect early, and then provide detailed explanations about some of these problems that a rarely very straightforward.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We use historical data not hypothetical. With over a decade of billing history, our team has been trained on financial models that closely reflect what we’ve seen happen with billing patterns from over $100 million in gross sales.
  • Multi-company perspective. A refund rate of 35% could probably stump a business owner for a week or longer as they jump through each vendor to find out if it’s caused by media, customer services, a bad descriptor on a merchant account, or product not being shipped out. But since our team has a half dozen business with very similar business models operating simultaneously, we can easily spot whether this is a client specific issue or a more systemic problem with a vendor.
  • We have dedicated staff. Our staff have weekly and daily checks that will keep your business moving forward in a successful direction without you even knowing about it. As your business grows, committing occasional time or emergency driven reactions is a recipe for disaster when it comes to watching minute.

Media Management

Let’s be honest, we know very few media networks that run their own offers. And for good reason, it requires a ton of capital, it’s complex, and the margins can be slim. In fact, many of them would rather not know the ugly details of what is behind the click. The Offer Space media management team become advocates for your business in ways that would take you lots of time and financial losses before you knew where to push back. Our team is constantly looking for the right opportunities where media sources and sustainable businesses coexist.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • Aligned business goals. Our media team must first have a strategy that works in harmony with the Offer Space clients. Many affiliates truly don’t care about your business’s long term success, just as long as they get their bills paid quickly, they don’t really care about the long term risks you’re taking.
  • We have greater control of daily sale volume. A smart marketer will start small, work out all the kinks and ramp their sales up. So why don’t you start with 10-15 sales per day to walk before you crawl? Probably because you’ve heard a network say, “Oh man, that’s too small of a cap, it’s not worth our time”. With Offer Space this isn’t a problem. Our traffic management software allows us to insert you to an existing campaign with any daily cap.
  • Internal media buying team. Networks can be a great source of traffic, however, their business goals aren’t entirely aligned with yours and their affiliates goals are likely even less aligned. Our internal media buying team members aren’t working from their college dorm rooms dreaming of ‘blowing up’ a campaign so they can get their lambo money. They are given specific parameters for best marketing practices and are actively informed of what media buying combinations worked for recurring sales and which ones spelled disaster.

Vendor Monitoring

So much of your business success depends on other companies doing their job right 100% of the time. If customer service slips up, long hold times can mean terminated MIDs. If a fulfillment center runs out of stock but still issues tracking numbers. If a gateway spitting out a stream of declines due to a configuration issues, this can lead to unexpected cash crunches. These are just a few of the real life situations that we’ve modeled our software to monitor.

It comes down to a simple but gigantic task to gather, monitor and act. First we worked on the task of importing data from any vendor involved with your business. Next, we’ve written an extremely extensive set of business rules to monitor that flow of data. Next we alert certain team members when rules are broken and trigger immediate actions such as sending a customer email, canceling a customer automatic, or various other trigger events when a rule is broken. And we just keep refining the business rules over and over again until we eliminate every point of failure possible.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We monitor all data – gateway, deposits, fulfillment, customer service, and chargebacks – in a single proprietary interface. You name it and we probably already monitor it.
  • Our software has automated triggers to take actions. We don’t wait for someone to recognize the issue and we’ve also eliminated the likely opportunity for a human to make a mistake on a critical task like making sure a subscription is canceled when a chargeback or chargeback alert is received from a vendor.

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